Open Banking with Cirrostratus Exedra

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What is Open Banking

Open Banking allows you to access the information in your bank accounts where you want it.

The Cirrostratus Exedra online cashbook

Cirrostratus have produced an online cashbook. This is not exciting software like our competitors, but a simple online cashbook that just does the job. It does the tax accounting (for both Self Assessment and VAT) and links to Making Tax Digital. It has the advantage of not being flexible, so you don't have to work out how to change it or set it up. You just click and it is there. It is also good value for money (at the moment Free). If people want to try this out they are welcome to do so. All you have to do is to open an account and then when you can open a cashbook on the page that deals with a particular business. It on a cash basis or standard vat accounting, but it handles flat rate, retail and margin schemes for VAT as well as traditional VAT and handles EC vat. It also handles Domestic Reverse Charge for the construction industry and tracks CIS payments. It handles self employment and other self assessment records for individuals, but does not at the moment handle FRC Taxonomies.

Open Banking with Cirrostratus Exedra

Cirrostratus have integrated Making Tax Digital with Open Banking. This means that you can load your bank statement into our cashbook automatically. All you then need to do is to code it up for tax purposes and then submit to HMRC. Our system handles multiple bank accounts, cash and credit card accounts as well. For more information contact us.

How can I open an account?

Click Here.

When can people use the Cirrostratus service to submit VAT returns or Self Assessment returns?


For Self Assessment we ask that you talk to us via email prior to submitting returns (just for now). For VAT you can just set up an account and start using the system.

If you have any questions email